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Residential drug and alcohol is an intensive form of treatment. The client physically resides at the facility while recovering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. 

This is especially important for people with co-occurring disorders or who have

failed with out-patient programs. Our medical director has established a protocol for detox and will evaluate each client for medication assisted treatment. Because of the intensive care we provide, our client can expect a higher rate of success in your recovery efforts.  


 Our holistic treatment approach will provide restoration of the mind,

body and spirit. You will participate in book work and seminars; individual

and group counseling sessions will be delivered to you in a non-threatening,

open social model of treatment. 


Because we are a small facility which can house only 14 clients, you will receive

more personal attention and individualized care. In addition, you will meet

with a physician weekly or more often if needed.


This program is far more than just talk therapy. Your days will involve peaceful restorative activities in a serene environment. You will have the opportunity to explore nature's beauty. We have a variety of arts and crafts materials for you to use your creative skills. Our mission is to guide you and walk

along side you on your journey to recovery.


We also encourage family participation in treatment and conduct special

family sessions to educate family members on addiction and their role in the

client's recovery. The counselors may suggest or provide curriculum to

help the family with the client's return.


We at Rainbow’s End Recovery Center want to help our clients build a life without drugs and alcohol, which they have come to depend on for comfort and security.  Treatment and therapies must be adjusted as the resident progresses in his recovery.  An aftercare plan will be developed for relapse prevention prior to the resident’s release. This could include contact with a mental health professional, a strong support system of sober friends and a spiritual advisor, as well as continuing

contact with RERC staff and the opportunity for an annual weekend refresher.

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