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Can be an every day activity at Rainbow's End. Clients can practice their fly fishing techniques on the pond before venturing to the Salmon River, which borders our facility, and possibly hook a Rainbow Trout, Steelhead or maybe a Salmon depending on the season. Clients have the opportunity to travel on supervised outings to various high mountain lakes to fish as well. 


Is a favorite pass time in Idaho. There are several local areas where geodes, crystals and other fascinating crystals and stones can be found. Clients are taken on supervised outings and gather their treasures. When they return to the facility they create jewelry or decorative items. often they are inspired to begin a Zen rock garden at home beginning with their Idaho collection.


Encourages clients to develop team work, reading clues posted on the GeoCache website and using a compass or GPS to locate the spot of buried treasure. Rainbow's End collect small items representative of their experiences and bury geocaches, developing the clues and posting the the information the GeoCache website


This is a seasonal event. Clients float the river with counselors. They experience serenity on these peaceful journeys as they observe the various geologic formations, local plant life and the native creatures who share our region.


Artwork, jewelry or crafts is a favorite activity for many clients. Materials are provided to learn knot tying, beading, wire wrapping, art supplies, etc. There are musical instruments, including drums, piano, and guitar, in the Activity Center for the budding composers and performers. Impromptu jam sessions often take place with counselors and clients.


This is for all skill levels is available in the area. Clients can stroll the river banks or lake sided shore. The more adventurous can head up a mountain to a bluff and look out over the Round Valley in which we are located.

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