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At Rainbow’s End Recovery Center we try to make the admissions process

as pleasant as possible. The decision to enter rehab for your addictions is not an

easy one; it takes strength to admit you have a problem and need help.

Once you take the first step by calling us, you will speak with an intake specialist within hours of your initial contact, who will treat you with the utmost kindness

and respect while learning all he can about your problems and needs in order

to insure appropriate treatment.  


 At this time you may also speak to a financial counselor who will provide

the information regarding costs, insurance reimbursements, and the possibility

of a payment plan. Rainbow’s End Recovery Center will do what it can to

make your desire for rehab and recovery a reality.


 Though residential programs are expensive, you need to weigh the cost

against the money spent on substance-abuse related expenses as well as the

cost of the damages to your family, home life and career which have occurred

as a result of your addiction.  




Depending on the season:  cold weather gear, i.e. gloves,

cap, warm socks, long johns, boots; warm weather gear,

i.e. river shoes, hat or sun visor, sunscreen.


Casual clothes

Warm jackets

Athletic/walking shoes

Hiking boots

Swim suit

Work out attire



There are two laundry facilities with supplies for client use.




Personal Toiletries:


Shampoo and conditioner





Brush, comb, other grooming items

Hair dryer

Shaving kit


No items containing alcohol are permitted.  Please check the labels.






Your own pillow or blanket for your comfort, if you wish.


Please have $50.00 in cash or debit card for medication co-pay. 

Please have some money for incidentals, sodas, cigarettes, etc. which we do not provide.

(Clients may only have $20.00 cash on them at any time.)


Cell phone with wall charger or pre-paid phone card for long distance calls.

(There may be up to a 14-day blackout period upon arrival at the treatment center.)







Photo I.D. such as driver’s license, state I.D. card or passport.


Insurance I.D. card.


List of prescription medications with at least a seven (7) day supply.


Over-the-counter medications in an unopened container. 


Names of health care providers and family members to be contacted.





What Not to Bring:


Clothing displaying alcohol, sex, drugs or violence.


No tight-fitting or revealing clothing.


Valuables exceeding $500.00.


Any dietary supplements without medical approval.


Items containing alcohol such as hairspray, colognes, etc.


Weapons, including pocket knives.




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