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At Rainbow’s End Recovery Center we provide a comfortable, homelike environment for

our residents in semi-private rooms with separate residences for men and women. Both the man’s and woman's houses are fully furnished and tastefully decorated. The semi-private rooms are comfortable and relaxing. All meals are prepared on-site using the freshest ingredients possible with the goal of the client developing better eating habits. A nutritionist visits the site to review menus and recipes and talk with the clients about healthy eating. Meals are served family style; employees and clients together. 


An institutional setting is not always conducive to recovery. Taking you away from your home and daily life is stressful enough without the added stress of being locked into an institution. You are here to be treated for your drug and alcohol addictions, not punished for them. Addiction is an illness; we want to help make you well. We are as much committed to your comfort and well-being as we are to your treatment program and recovery.


There is 24 hour supervision.  Staff opens the office at 7:00 AM and closes it at 7:00 PM.

The telephones are answered at all hours, day and night. Clinical staff arrives beginning

at 9:00 AM and is on-site until 6:00 PM. The night staff arrives at 7:30 PM and is supervised by Betty Hotstetter,LPN. The individuals are trained in medication protocol and First Aid certified. Their duties include dispensing medications as prescribed, taking and recording the clients’ vitals, supervising homework activities and/or treatment movies, and monitoring the clients at least every two hours during the night. They leave at 7:30 AM.  

"I would recommend Rainbow's End, it offers dynamics that other programs do not. It treats people as a whole and offers a personal treatment plan. They show compassion and dedication to all of their clients." AB

"I would recommend to friends, it's a non-judgmental family life setting."


"I would definitely recommend Rainbow's End. The warmth of the staff. The intense counseling that allowed me to free my mind of awful memories and negative thoughts."


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