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Rainbow's End Recovery Center was established in 2011 as a co-ed dual-diagnosis facility with the intent of providing individualized treatment for people suffering from drug and/or alcohol and co-occurring psychological conditions. Each client is assessed on arrival and a treatment protocol is developed to address his/her needs. Some may need more drug and alcohol counseling; some may have underlying traumas which require EMDR; some may have been self-medicating with street drugs or alcohol; some may have been misdiagnosed or had psychological problems left untreated; many have been through previous treatments unsuccessfully.


Nancy Del Colletti, BA, MA, is the founding owner and Executive Director. She oversees all aspects of the daily operations of the facility. Her goal was to establish a facility which treated clients with respect and nurtured them in their recovery.


Dr. Ron Ellsworth, MD, serves as Medical Director. In this capacity he conducts history and physical exams, prescribes medications, determines withdrawal protocols and oversees the LPN. Depending on the needs of the clients he is scheduled for weekly visits to the site and available by the phone at other times. He is licensed with the Board of Medicine in the state of Idaho and has a DEA license for prescribing Suboxone.


Patrick O'Neal, LCPC, ACADC is a Board Member and Consultant.  Patrick is board-certified national  counselor trained in addictions, EMDR, and grief/trauma.  He holds a Master's Degree in clinical/mental health counseling from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor's Degree in psychology from Lipscomb University. He formerly served as our Clinical Director.


Kevin Pettus, CCS, ACADC, is the Clinical Director and Supervisor. He  has an Associates Degree in Addiction Studies, BA of Psychology, and a Master's Degree in Human Services.  Kevin is a US Army infantry veteran, a voice for under-served populations, and advocates for inclusive social policies that break down barriers to accessing services.

Wayne G Kauppila, MA, CAP, has 15 years experience as a substance abuse counselor. He specializes in Forgiveness Therapy and is the author of Opening the Door to Freedom 

and Resentments & Forgiveness Workbook. He is serving as the Intern Supervisor.

 Chelsey Winkle, LCSW, CCTP  has several years experience as an out-patient dual-diagnosis counselor. Chelsey is trained in trauma informed care with specific training in Trauma-Focused CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and equine-assisted therapy.  She holds a Master's Degree in Social Work, from Boise State University, and completed her clinical licensing.  

Rob Boyanovsky, CADC-II, has several years experience as an out-patient counselor. He conducts CBT groups with our clients and introduces them to Smart Recovery in preparation for discharge.

Betty Hostetter, LPN, is responsible for medication management and staff training on medication protocols, waived testing and the contact person for medical issues for the night staff. She works with Dr. Ellsworth in reviewing medicals records, scheduling outside appointments and locating aftercare providers.

Mary Easterday, BS, Executive Assistant, provides assistance with phone screenings, client-intake and administrative duties.  She has come to us from the corporate world of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Kristy Armstrong, BS, Case Manager, works with clients to establish services for aftercare and is a certified yoga instructor certified in 12-Step Recovery Combined Training.  She has previous experience with a wilderness program for youth.


Marcus Hepler

August 9, 1960 - April 9, 2018

He served our clients well and will be greatly missed.

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